More than simply a place to store and prepare food, a kitchen is often the heart and soul of a home. A kitchen renovation can breathe new life into your entire home. A more efficient layout can mean more meals being prepared at home. A stylish update can spawn more social gatherings and a switch to more energy-efficient appliances can help your family’s budget.

Our sub-contractors are trusted partners in what we do and we only use companies that meet Castner Carpentry LLC’s high standards of workmanship.



Planning for a Kitchen Makeover

1: Make a plan of your existing kitchen and note where windows, doors, utility lines and electrical outlets are.

2: Create a wishlist of all your remodeling goals. Is your main concern more space? More storage? Improved traffic flow? A new seating area?

3: Get some inspiration together. Get photos of friends’ kitchens, magazine images, paint chips and put it all in a folder for quick reference during our planning stages.

4: Ask yourself some questions before you start such as how many people will be cooking in the kitchen? How often are meals cooked in the home? Does the kitchen get used for other activities such as homework, meetings, home office?