During your initial consultation, we will explore your vision for your ideal living space. If needed, Castner Carpentry’s team of designers can evaluate your plans and estimated budget and advise you on the best direction to take on the path to your dream home.

Drawing on our decades of experience in the home construction trade, our team can put together a proposal to help you finalize your vision, your budget and a timeline to bring it to reality.

Objectives for the Concept Phase

  1. To sort out technical considerations such as height restrictions, zoning issues or how your ideal layout will best fit onto your lot.
  2. To determine how environmental conditions such as wind, proximity to water and energy efficiency will affect your plans.
  3. To plan for ongoing maintenance issues depending on the building materials you wish to use.


With an approved concept plan in place, we can then move forward and develop a more finalized set of plans. This is where we can get into finalizing the details of your ideas. We can help you decide on the best choices for roofing, doors and flooring as well as details such as interior fittings and fixtures.

By the end of the planning stage, our goal is to have a set of designs that you have approved and a clear plan for moving forward into the construction phase.

Objectives for the Planning Phase

  1. To nail down choices for materials to be used
  2. To work out placement of power points, data jacks, exterior power and lighting and basement/attic/garage access points.
  3. To determine if special permits or approvals will be needed for unique aspects of the design.


One key advantage to hiring Castner Carpentry is that our team has worked together on multiple projects and has a long history of working in the community. This will smooth the road ahead considerably. We can help you with putting all the pieces in place to commence the building phase such as permits, insurance and inspections.

Should you find that you want to make a change in the approved plan, we can work with you to incorporate that as efficiently as possible.

Objectives for the Construction Phase

  1. To ensure that the correct permits, contracts and insurance are taken care of.
  2. To keep a clear line of communication between our client, our team and our sub-contractors.
  3. To ensure the highest standards of work in all aspects of your new home from the first foundation dig to the final inspection.