Why a home addition?

A home addition can either be an extension of your living space, or creating an area that will add convenience to your home such as a garage or mudroom.

As you and family live in your home, sometimes changes take place that re-define what your needs are. Maybe a new child is on the way, or maybe an aging parent is coming to live with you. Even after your children have grown up and started families of their own, your home can become the family gathering place during the holidays.

Whatever your reason, adding to your home also will increase its value. Another advantage is that you can develop your ideal plan for additional space instead of simply making do with what you had originally.



How to plan a home addition

1: Write down your reasons for creating one. This will help you define what you are looking to have done. Do you need more storage space? Improve traffic flow throughout an area? How about better access from indoors to an outdoor living area?

2: Get inspired! Check out web sites, magazines, Pinterest and home improvement TV shows to find what appeals to you and keep a record of your favorite ideas.

3: Choose how to get the most bang for your buck. Once you have defined what is the main reason you are adding on to your home, it can help you prioritize how you want to structure your budget. If a new family room is your goal, then perhaps the budget’s focus should be on a media wall instead of expensive carpet.

4: Get your ducks in a row. Talk to your mortgage lender about a home improvement loan for your project to see what your spending limits will be. And don’t forget to check with city hall about property-line restrictions and zoning permits.